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Welcome to Michael Ziegler Photography

Welcome to my site!

Almost everything you see as you navigate within the different categories is about beauty--people, objects, nature. Some images are happy, some sad, some breathtakingly beautiful, some curious or humorous, others quiet and simple and without need to be categorized.

Most images are available as hand-made photo note cards, and you simply go to the Photo Notecard Store to make your selections, add to your cart, and place your order. If you see something outside the Notecard section of the Store, and want to know if it's available as a note card, please call or email.

Likewise, many images are for sale as Fine Art or "wall art." In the Portfolio section you'll find a good range of subjects, but many other images will be found in the Photo Notecard Store or Stock Collection sections. Prices vary according to size and other factors, and in many cases you can choose between a less-expensive resin-coated print and an ultra-permanent fiber print. Soon we'll be able to offer what I call "semi-permanent" giclee (inkjet) prints which will appeal to architects and designers wanting to order multiples of the same image without paying fiber print prices.

The ordering system for Fine Art prints is not yet installed, so you'll have to email or call with questions about size, quality and prices.

With STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY it's difficult to list every variable element that goes into an estimate of what it will cost to lease the rights to an image--so please contact us and we can work it out!

If you feel adventurous and decide to look at every image on this site, be forewarned that this is but the tip of the iceberg, and many thousands more images will be added just as soon as time and resources permit! If you see something that's "close" to what you want, feel free to contact us and ask if we have anything else that hasn't been scanned and added to the site. Quality takes time.

In the meantime, enjoy what's here . . . and don't forget to bookmark this site.

--Michael Z.
Specializing in Commercial Photography, Stock Photography, and Fine Art Photography

Featured Photographs
  • The Sledder, Astoria - This sledder racing down a city street in Astoria, Oregon was taking advantage of a rarity along the Pacific Coast--snow. It seemed everyone in town was out that night, slipping and sliding down the steepest hills. Luckily, not many cars came past at the bottom of this temporary Olympic training site. 35mm black and white, 1973.
  • Sorrento Night - This is the stately Sorrento Hotel on First Hill in Seattle--promise! Every year they have a great full-length lighting display, and this is one way to photograph it. Is this jazz, or poetry?
  • Sorrento Hotel, Seattle - The Sorrento Hotel, Seattle: Christmas lighting, with a little pizzazz.

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